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  • Hole quality testing of bored piles on railway, highway, port, high-rise building and etc.
  • Hole quality testing of branch and plate piles.
  • Trenching quality testing of the groove of diaphragm wall.




Measuring range:600~8000mm; (hole/groove diameter)


Max measuring depth:150m (Can be customized)


Max depth resolution:5mm


Record mode:Color image, data file


Data export:USB


Probe:Dry/wet hole support


RSM Auto double winch:


Dimensions(Auto double winch):91×55×57cm


Weight of Auto double winch:105kg


RSM-HGT (D) Ultrasonic Drilling Monitor

  • Hole range: aperture, groove width 600-8000mm, large emission energy, and the first wave can be clearly identified when the mud specific gravity reaches 1.4g/cm3 (with a small sand content), which is suitable for the testing of holes and grooves in almost all projects. Can do dry hole testing.

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